What's all this?

This house is part of a neighbourhood Easter walkabout, and you are welcome to join in! 

Watch this video below to find out more...

Already on the trail?

This is the third house on the Cotteridge trail. The trail is best followed in order, and the first house on this trail is 20 Northfield Road, B30 1JH, which is about 10 minutes' walk from here. If you've missed the first house, watch this video first before heading to Northfield Road. If you've already been to houses number 1 and 2, well done! Click below to watch the third witness video!


Use the instructions below to find the 4th house.

Head back out of York Close back towards the alley way, and enter the park again. Don't turn left down the stairs, instead keep going straight and turn left before you get to the road. Head downhill on the path past a bench or two.

Cross over another path, and make sure to look to the left to see a tree trunk with something written on, what does it say?

Keep going along the side of the park, and then join the road at the far corner of the park.

Head along the road, crossing over Ashmore Road, until you get to 257 Franklin Road! Scan the QR code in the window!

scan the new qr code when you get there, or click here.

Want to find out more?

We hope you're enjoying the walkabout and finding out more about the Easter story. Head over to our main website to find out more about what else is going on this Easter and beyond at City Church


If you're having any issues on the trail or have any questions do drop an email to 

tim.hay@city-church.org.uk or use the live chat function on this page and we will be in touch as soon as we can!